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Escorts are known for their tip top presence and friendly manner. Everything needs to be perfect, especially when you are talking about high-class escorts. Just like apparel or the bag they carry, nail polish is another important part of an escort. Proper nail polish will beautify their nails more, and they will be able to show off their pretty hands to their clients. Now, colors might vary, and they need to be aware of their skin complexion, before choosing the right color. There are some important points, which help to determine the nail color, which an escort should flaunt. If it is morning time, you are asked to look for the subtle color combinations. On the other hand, darker and glossy shades are preferred for a night long party. No matter whatever is the time, the colors might match up the dress color, which they are flaunting.

Stay clean regularly

A good bath in warm water wades off a lot of tensions and add freshness to mind. It even helps in rejuvenating mind and soul and wait for the guests. Using soft and silky smooth cream based soap is important, as it helps in making the skin looks fresh and supple with moisture. They are quite specific about the hair color they apply and the shampoo to sustain the color for long. Moreover, they would even like to take apt care of their hair, after going through a haircut. Petty issues like dandruff and hair fall are not in the list. They are going to take full care of their hair, as another important part of their body. Lastly, each escort needs to take apt care of their hands and legs. Chipped nails and with white marks will degrade their look completely.

Designed naild increase your beauty

Wearing expensive nail polish will not work wonder if the nails are not properly shaped. Chipped nails will degrade the look completely, and even rich, colorful nail polishes will not help either. Not just nails, but they need to work out on their entire hands. Scrubbing with the best scrubber and washing nails with warm soap water might help. After scrubbing off the dirt, applying nail polish will add a new look to their hands completely. Apart from the dating time and apparel, which the escorts are wearing, situation plays an important role in choosing the nail colors. For example, if she is invited to a business meet, flaunting glossy colored nail polish will be a mess. During such instances, they are asked to wear something more subtle, matte and formal to look at, like beige, cream and even light shades of brown.


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